Uni presents itself as a unisex vintage and second-hand clothing brand.

We offer a unique selection of timeless and basics that we present online or on demand.

We spread more reasoned fashion by choosing to sell exclusively essentials . Clothing that survives trends, easy to wear through the ages.

We offer an online catalog to give an overview of our pieces but we reserve a sample for physical sales and on demand requests. Our goal is to favor the direct contact with customers, thoughtful and reasoned purchasing.

Those who are interested can send us a message to order us a clothe adapted to their needs or particular.

Selection < / p>

Each piece is unique.

Our clothes are chosen one by one depending to their condition, their material and if possible their origin.

By offering quality clothes with modern cuts, Uni offers a new way of dressing: fairer, more thoughtful, sur-mesure for more responsible fashion.

We take care to wash each part to restore its freshness and so you can wear it on as soon as you receive it.

Submissions < / p>

To send you your orders, we use recycled parcels (and reusable).

So feel free to put your boxes aside for us !

For more information: contact us .